Diary of Walter Meyer – Sodus Point POW Part 1

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Sodus Point POWS running to the soccer field. Photo courtesy of Debra Werfelman, From the book “World War II Prisioner of War Camps in Wayne County, New York and Their Prisoners” by Annette T. Harris


In the last days of 2018, I was contacted by Andreas Suchi. Andreas was researching the story of his Grandfather who had been a German POW during World War 2 at our Sodus Point POW camp.  Andreas had the diary of his Grandfather that contained information from the time of his capture in Normandy in July 1944 through his time spent in the Sodus Point POW camp. After helping Andreas obtain some additional information, he told me he was translating the diary (which was written in old German) into English and would I be interested in having the translated diary for our website? Uh…..YES!!!!!!


He has finished the translation of the first part of the diary (10 pages) which starts from his Grandfather’s time and capture in Normandy (June/July 1944) until November 1944 where he is in the Fort Niagara POW camp.



Andreas Suchi has done research on where his Grandfather was captured based on German War records, The red X on the map indicates the location.


The second part will deal with his time in the Sodus Point POW camp.


Here is the first part: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ruxTkszjX7pAeTd75VsSPBFgdKh81NIA/view?usp=sharing


I will update this page with the second part of the diary when Andreas finishes the translations…stay tuned!