Harris House

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The Harris House Circa 1910 with its distinctive Windmill. Photo courtesy of John Powell from his book “Old Postcards & Photos of Sodus Point” page 167


The Harris House was a popular hotel in Sodus Point run by the Harris family for many years. According to the Sodus Record, 11/12/1936, James Harris passed away at age 80 and is described as a “veteran Hotel-keeper and ardent angler”. This same article further states, that in the spring or 1903, James Harris purchased the property where the Harris House, Sodus Point now stands and began the operation of a hotel on that site.  He moved his family from Sodus to Sodus Point by trolley.  Apparently, this was a busy place with many different groups, not only staying over in the rooms but also meeting and eating here over the years.  Groups such as the Chamber, The Democratic party, Insurance people from Rochester and Syracuse, Railway people .  Sometimes up to 100 guests were present to partake in a delicious chicken dinner.


In the Sodus Record of 2/6/1925 in the Observer Observes column, it states “ I remember one time I was sitting on the Harris House porch at Sodus Point while waiting for a trolley.  Mrs. (Mamie) Harris came out and asked me into the kitchen to have a piece of cake.  It was the middle of the afternoon.  I accepted the offer and was always glad that I did.  I never saw a kitchen any cleaner than that one, and there had been a lot of work.  The hotel was crowded and many extra for meals.”


They would close for some of the winter months, but the summer season was often very busy. The 8/19/1932 Record states that in 1912 “the New Johnson House and the Harris House were both turning away patrons because of the crowded conditions at Sodus Point.”


By 1933 , James’ son, Elliot Harris is living at and running the Hotel.


In August of 1948, an ad in the Record states the “Point Inn” ,  formerly the Harris House is serving spaghetti dinners every Thursday night for $1.00 and other full course meals for $1.50 .


It also has rooms for vacationists.  This ran until at least 1952.


The following information is courtesy 1974  Historic Sodus Bay Walking Tour and the 1948 book entitled “A friendly Welcome awaits you at Sodus Point, N.Y. The Year ‘Round Vacation Wonderland:



In the early 1900’s, the Harris House was a busy Hotel at the end of the Sodus Point and Southern Railroad line. It also was placed near the trolley line coming into Sodus Point. The Harris House had full length porches facing the bay with a most imposing windmill standing near it. An old ad states:


“Don’t forget to visit the most popular hotel.

Rates $3.00 per day and up   Fish and Chicken Dinners Sundays”


Sometime around 1948, it became the Point Inn and today it is an apartment building. It is located at 8440 Bay Street.



Today the former Harris House is apartments but still bears a close resemblance to its former days. Photo by Edith Farrington (2019)