Fire Fighters – Our Hometown Heroes

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The history of our Fire Fighters span more than 100 years. The following history is from excerpts of the book “Sodus Point Volunteer Fire Department 1910 – 2010 100 Year Commemorative Anniversary Book April 28, 2010”. Copies of this wonderful book are still available at the Firehall for purchase and I highly recommend this book for those wanting a more complete history of our Fire Department. I would like to express my appreciation to Mark Jones, Sr. for letting me use this book as a reference.

Sodus Point Fire Department Formed (1913)

The citizens of Sodus Point met at the Guild Hall on Thursday evening, April 28th, 1910, for the purpose of organizing a Volunteer Fire Company, at which time 21 men were present and volunteered their services. The first organization was a Hook and Ladder Co. and a Bucket Brigade. The Company worked with small equipment until April 23rd, 1913, when the Department was re-organized and a Fire District established in the village by the Fire Commissioners. Since that time the Department has made steady progress. The new organization consists of 60 men and three Companies, namely: Hook and Ladder Co., foreman, E.C. Morley; Engine Co., engineer, Ward DeVille; Hose Co., foreman George Mabb. The engine is one of the later styles of motor power, manufactured by the Howe Engine Co., and , capable of pumping three streams of water at a pressure of 125 pounds, and is a 40 H.P. Rutenberg motor and also equipped with hand pumps, which at full capacity will pump 800 barrels per hour. The Hose Co. has two hose carts and 1600 feet of standard hose. The Hook and Ladder Co. has one ladder truck and a full line of fire fighting apparatus.

The officers of the organization are: Chief, George Schuyler; Asst. Chief, Emmet Carrier; Secretary Ralph Bishop, Treasurer, Van DeVille.

Firemen go to War (World War 1)

John McMillin 400x600
When the country issued the call for men to fight in the World War, the following members entered the service: Leo Heifer, Carlton Topping, Anson Philo, Arthur Helfer, Alvin Torrey, Victor Raymer and John McMillin. In 1918, the company and the Village mourned the loss of one of it’s own. Fireman John McMillin paid the supreme sacrifice, having died in a hospital in France on August 24th, 1918 of pneumonia.

Fire House Built (1918)

Fie House 1918 600x400
The Fire District built a nice Fire House with a very good club room on the second floor. The cellar of the Fire House is in the form of a cistern and holds about 800 barrels, or the capacity of one hour pumping with the fire engine. The fire house was erected on the grounds belonging to the school district at the cost of $1,000. Through the efforts of A. W. Shufelt, the Village of Lyons, the Village Board, Mr. John Wolvin, Mr. R.F. Forgham, Mr. H.G. Hotchkiss and MR. Charles M. Baltzl, the Village of Sodus Point was presented with one hook and ladder truck and one hose wagon.

Major Sodus Point Fire (1930)

Fire 1930 600x800
Fire Hall Burns (1953)

Firehouse before fireRay Balch in front of the Fire Hall prior to the 1953 fire. Photo courtesy of Bob Jones.

Fire House Burning Photo 600x400
Fire Photo Courtesy of Ester Buys
Fire House Burns 1953 600x800 (2)


Dick Ransley provided the following write-up on the fire:



After the Fire Hall was burned, the newly purchased fire trucks were kept at the Genesee Malt House from 1953 until the new Fire Hall was rebuilt in 1957. The siren was also installed at the Malt House.

Fire Fighter Stuff - Copy 700x480

Firetrucks stationed at the Malt House. Photo Courtesy Bob Jones.


New Fire Hall Built (1957)

Fire Hall 1957 600x380

Fire Fighter Stuff 700x550

In 1957 the Fire Hall was rebuilt bigger and better than ever!  Photos courtesy of Bob Jones.


The Duck (1963)

The Duck 1963 600x500
Coal Trestle Fire (November 11, 1971)

Coal Trestle Fire 600x375
Four sections out of six were destroyed by the holocaust before creosote timbers at the highway end of the structure could be watered down enough to stop the spread of the flames. Double bulkheads of steel through-out the length of the trestle prevented the coal-loading facility from disappearing in a mass of flames.

A Sodus Point landmark, the trestle had been inoperative in recent years, and was scheduled to be dismantled and converted into a marina.

Arthur Reed, owner of the proposed marina site, was in Chicago when the fire broke out.

Bill Huff Jr., one of the workers during the razing of the trestle, was trapped for a time right after the start of the blaze between the end of the structure and the first of six fire walls.

He jumped onto a barge anchored alongside the structure and later was recued by a tugboat piloted by Stuart Sill.
Eight fire companies from county volunteer companies operated throughout the blaze, with a ninth group of firemen reporting later for fire watch duty, and to assist the Sodus Point Firefighters who remained on duty.

Krenzer Marina Fire (1990)

Krenzer Marina Fire Photo 600x500 Krenzer Marina Fire 1990 article 600x800


Fire and Rescue Volunteers

Stuart Balch is the man in the front. His grandson David Huber found this picture while cleaning out his grandfather’s house. Also pictured (we believe) are:  Joe Desanto, Glen Proseus, Ray Devolder and Bob Jones.


Laura Miller

 These men were Volunteer Sodus Point Fire & Rescue team for many years and Heros to many Sodus Point residents & visitors.


Ice Storm (2003)

Ice Storm 2003 600x400
Not just Firemen (June 21, 2014)

Old Fashioned Baseball 600x400
Our firemen play softball during the summer every other Wednesday at 6:30 PM at Oscar Fuerst field much to the delight of their loyal fans and they are one of the best teams in the county! Here our firemen play their annual old fashioned baseball game against the Mumford All Stars using 1861 rules! They lost the game but to everyone in the Village of Sodus Point, the men and women of our Fire Department are always winners! We all owe them a debt to the valuable services they perform!