Mrs. DoVille’s Ice Cream Cones

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DoVilles Ice Cream Stand Photo
May DoVille’s Ice Cream Stand at Sodus Point. Today, this is used as Hot’s Point’s ice cream window. Photo courtesy of Kelly Grey (current owner of Hotspoint)


Before it was Hotspoint, it was DoVille’s Ice Cream Stand. From the 1920s until the 1950s it was known throughout the county for one thing: May DoVille’s home made waffle ice cream cones. May was a fixture of Sodus Point for over 35 years and people still talk about those wonderful cones she made. Glenn Proseus ( Mrs. DoVille great nephew) tells the story of Sampson (a big St. Bernard)  who loved those cones and given any opportunity would snatch one from any unaware customer . Mrs. DoVille would then replace the cone much to the delight of the customer and Sampson.


A 1952 newspaper article tells the story of this “grey haired lady with a friendly smile” and her wonderful concoction:

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