Davina McNaney’s Run (2015 and 2018)

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runmi2ny - Copy

 Davina  went  a ‘running,

470  miles.

From  Michigan  to  New  York,

she  always  gave  us  smiles.

She  gave  breast  cancer a  ‘beating

it  never  will  forget.

And  along  the  way, won  the  hearts

of  everyone  she  met.

 Davina McNaney is an amazing and inspirational  woman who grew up and was married in Sodus Point. She is a breast cancer survivor who wanted to help fund breast cancer research and ran 470 miles from Michigan to Sodus Point and raised over $20,000! To read more about her epic endeavor click the link below:




Davina does it again; this time running 380 miles from Boston to Sodus Point!