Early Salt Trade

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As early as 1808, Salt was being shipped through Sodus Point for ports farther west as shown in the following article courtesy of Richard Palmer:
Geneva (N.Y.) Expositor
August 24, 1808
Porter, Barton & Co.
Having taken a lease from the state of New-York of the carrying place at the Falls of Niagara, and been at great pains and expense in forming and completing an establishment not only for the portage of goods around the falls, but for the transportation of property across Lakes Ontario, Erie, St. Clair, Huron and Michigan, and the navigable waters communicating with them, now offer their services in the above line to Merchants and Traders in the Western country.
They have erected safe and commodious store houses and wharves at Black-Rock, Fort Schlosser, and Lewiston, and provided themselves with staunch, well built vessels on the Lakes, and boats on the Niagara river, and will receive property at any point on the above waters and engage to deliver it at any other, on the most reasonable terms.
They particularly invite the attention of dealers in Salt, who have heretofore suffered great delays, and been put to much trouble, expense and loss, on account of the variety of hands through which this article has necessarily passed on its way to market. They will receive salt at Oswego, Sodus or Lewiston, and deliver it at PresqueIsle, on Lake Erie, or (by particular contract) at Pittsburgh, on the Ohio, and receive the same article in payment. They also engage that Salt shall be store on its passage in their store-houses at Lewiston, Schlosser, and Black-Rock, without any additional expense – it having always been customary with carriers as well on the British as the American side of the river, at these places, to leave salt exposed to the weather, by which it has suffered great damage.
Orders directed to, or contracts made with Joseph Annin at Cayuga Bridge, Peter B. Porter at Canandaigua, Benjamin Barton at Lewiston, or Augustus Porter at Fort Schlosser will be punctually attended to.