Sodus Point Bait Shop – late 1970s

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Sodus Point Bait Shop (late 1970s) during 1st ESLO Derby. Photo courtesy Bob Chase Jr.


In the 1970s and lasting many years, Bob Chase Sr. and his wife Doris ran a bait shop in Sodus Point. It was where you went for fishing needs and bait and was a local hub during the ESLO Derby as pictured above. Bob Chase was very active in the community and was a Wayne County Deputy Sheriff. For several years, they leased the front of the store which served as a coffee shop (see picture below) .


Photo courtesy of Dick Ransley


Bob Chase Jr. tells a humorous story about the Cofee Shop. The coffee shop stayed open to the early morning hours. One morning around 2 AM, the jukebox kept playing over and over again the song: “Itsy bitsy, teeney weeney, yellow polka dot bikini”. That was the end of the coffee shop…..




Jill North remembers:  I always loved going to the Bait Shop before going out fishing when I was growing up during those summers!!!


Floyd McGovern remembers:  It was fun in those days. I just mentioned to Bob Chase Jr. about us having breakfasts there with Dick Monje, before a day of fishing.


Frank C Wackerle remembers: Bob  Chase’s bait shop then he put in a restaurant serviced breakfast lunch etc. Then put fireplace became a local meeting place.


Dave Pitts remembers: Fresh made doughnuts on Sunday morning. Ahhh!


Before it was Chase’s bait shop


It was originally owned and operated by Hurd and Claude Devilleand then bought out by Wee Raymer.


Photo courtesy of Adam Felix.


Photo courtesy of Adam Helix.


Wes Doyle remembers: The phone on the sign logo is a classic 302 model also known as the “Lucy Phone” as it was used on the ‘I Love Lucy Show’ has F1 set handle, it is a rotary dial set. Four digit numbers came into effect in the 40’s.. I would assume this photo is between the 40’s to early 50’s..


Pete Jimerson remembers: it was originally owned and operated by Hurd and Claude Deville, when I was a kid. Bought out by Wee Raymer. Later Bob Chase. It was the place on the west end, north side, next to Coopers, which was Stuerwalds


Adam Felix remembers: Willis Raymer was my grandfather


Gail Wackerle remembers: Yes, this was originally Deville boat livery. What was Chases, then Mike Hare. Same place just a different owner. I used to pick up worms ,for money & Willis Raymer was the owner then. 1 cent a piece. Wow!