DoVille’s Ice Cream Stand – late 1940s

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May DoVille had an Ice Cream Stand for many years in Sodus Point. It featured home made waffle cones that people still rave about 70 years later! Her ice cream stand would eventually become the Hots Point restaurant we know today. Photo courtesy of Dick Ransley.







Gail Wackerle remembers: I as a very small child used to go & stay with Aunt May ,& Uncle Hurd. They lived where P.J unisex beauty shop is today on Bay Street. I was small like 4 yrs old. Nancy Proseus, Paul & Else , helped run the ice cream stand. Paul did the popcorn, & Else scooped the seal test ice cream. I would help Aunt May with the home made cones. The great part was every cone that cracked , while she was rolling them into cones, I got to eat the ones that were broken. Yummy, yummy!!. If dad was across the street seeing or helping Uncle Hurd mend nets, or go to the lake for bait, mom & I would go see Aunt May till the stand closed. She had rocking chairs inside & a long showcase inside too. There was a little kitchen in the back, & Uncle Hurd would come across the street to eat lunch & dinner until they closed for the the room that is part of PJ beauty shop. There was a big upright piano, Nancy played that. Uncle Hurd played banjo, & we would all sing. Such fun times. I’ll never forget them. On the chimney, Aunt May would measure how tall we were getting every so often. She would mark it then ; isn’t it funny the things you remember & cherish? I had a long ribbon that was on a gift from Aunt May & Uncle Hurd marked on it;,it read 1948 xmas from them. I had it for many years on our own trees, at xmas. Who knows maybe it may be in the attic. We always weaved the ribbon with their name on every year. Great people back then.


Virginia Renzi-Minutolo remembers: I knew May and her husband Herb .It was Herb’s father who brought the cone making machine by riverboat to May. Herb had the boat rental business across the street from May’s. Cone stand.



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