Ling Eaters

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The following come from Bill Huff, Jr. and Elsie Parsons


“Ling Eaters” (also known as Lingers and if from the south part of Sodus Point: Salt House Boys) was an expression meant to be non-complimentary of people living in Sodus Point. It originated in the 1940s from people in Sodus (we called them Apple Knockers because of their Dutch heritage) and eventually folks from Clyde and Lyons also adopted the term for Sodus Pointers. Some old timers still use the term although it is rarely used today.


To eat Ling was about as low as one could get. A ling was a fish called Burbot but commonly known as a Dogfish or Ling. It is not a highly priced eating fish. It has a connotation not unlike how we consider Carp today.


dogfish ling                                                        Dogfish – Ling  (not particularly good looking is it?)


Ling Eaters took this name for themselves in stride mainly because in those days everyone in Sodus Point had a nickname and this was considered just another generic nickname.