1896 Signature Quilt

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Below are pictures of a signature quilt that was done in 1896 by the Sodus Point Methodist Church.






Signature Quilt

submitted by Edith Farrington, Sodus Point resident, 2012


In the 1850’s through the 1890’s churches in the area often did a Signature Quilt as a fund-raiser for mission work or to commemorate a special occassion.  If the quilt was done as a fund-raiser, each individual may have had to pay $.10 to have their signature on the quilt.  It may have been raffled off also to earn money and consequently given to one winning household.  This Sodus Point Methodist Church quilt ended up in the Buys’ family and being passed down from generation to generation.


The invention and availability of a pen (abt. 1840’s) that would write on fabric made it possible for individuals to sign their names and later someone embroider over this print.


These quilts were done on unbleached muslin and embroidered with red thread.


The names were signed 4 around each approximately 6 inch diameter circle.  The center of the quilt has embroidered the Sodus Point Methodist Church with the dates: 1872 and 1896.  Presuming the church started in 1872 and the quilt was done in 1896. There are also 5 (minister) names:   Rev. W.E. Rippey, Dr. B. I. Ives, Rev. G. E. Campbell, Rev. P.E. Brown, Rev. P. J. Williams.


In between the uniform circles of names there are neatly embroidered, all in the same red thread, little pictures of animals, birds, flowers and children.  The 4 outer edges are done in half circles with only 2 names on each.



The Quilt Names


Submitted by Edith Farrington, Sodus Point resident, 2012


The attached list of approximately 350 names taken from the Sodus Point Methodist Church quilt done in 1896 may have some errors due to the difficulty distinguishing each embroidered letter of each signature.  Also, note that on the attached list of names any information in parenthesis has been added.  The quilt only included the names and information that is not in parenthesis. The attached list has been alphabatized; whereas, on the quilt , they are not.  On the quilt, the names are sometimes done with families together; other times they appear to be random.


By referencing the 1880, 1892, 1900 census and the history of the Sodus Point Methodist Church., some notations can be made.  Some of these people were first generation immigrants born in such countries as: Canada, England, Germany, Ireland and Holland. Some were black people. Some were descendents of freed black slaves. Some were laborers or servants living in other family households. Some of the occupations were: grocers, blacksmith, farmers, shipbuilders, sailors, fishermen, carpenters and housekeepers. It appears that some of the names are of deceased family members; such as: teenagers, Jay Davis and Fred Fisher, who died tragically in 1894.(1)  This would have been two years before the quilt was done.   Some were children’s names, included with their parents. One example of this is Grace and Clyde Sutton were 14 and 12 years old in 1896. Their parents were Charles and Lizzie (Elizabeth) Sutton.  Some names are followed by Civil War service dates of discharge or enlistment or wounded.


According to the small book, History of the Sodus Point Methodist Church by Gordon McKee

Williams, 1971, there were 80 members and 56 enrolled in the Sunday School, around 1890. (page11)

The membership list included in this booklet, has some of the same names as on the quilt, but not all. Therefore, it is believed the quilt has names of others from the community; other family, friends or household members.


Most names appear to be of people residing in Sodus Point at this time.  However, Mrs. C.C. Markell has embroidered “all of Newark” after her name.  Perhaps they were from Newark; presently living in Sodus Point or were just seasonal residents.


Some of the long-time Sodus Point names noted on the quilt are: Andrews, Baldwin, Bayless, Bennett, Button, Buys, Case, Clark, DeVille (or spelled DoVille), Emery, Ewing, Featherly, Fisher, Flagler, Garlock, Gaylord, Hewson, Hollister, Jones, LeFebvre, Lepper, Lewis, Lyman, Newport, Philo, Preston, Proseus, Rayner, Sentell, Sergeant, Shirts, Sutton, York.


Footnote (1) From the booklet, History of the Sodus Point Methodist Church, by Gordon McKee Williams, 1971, page 12.


Names on the Sodus Point Methodist Church Quilt (1896)

typed by Edith Farrington, 2012



Howard, Alice

Adams, Adella

Howard, Mary

Adams, Elmer

Hoxie, Elizabeth

Allen, Clayton

Ida B. ?

Allen, Mattie (or Hattie?)


Allen, Mrs. W.


Allen, W.H. (could be Wealthy P. ?)


Allen, Will

Jackson, Eva

Allen, Wm.

James & Ella

Alling, E.D.

Jillett, Mary

Andrews, John M.

John & Anna

Andrews, Sarah

Johnson, Jennie

Arms, S. T.

Jones, C.W.

Baker, Jessy

Jones, Carrie A.

Baker, Martha

Jones, George

Baldwin, E.M.

Jones, Joseph A.

Baldwin, Ernest

Jones, Lottie

Baldwin, J.M.

Jones, Maggie S.

Baldwin, Jay

Kellogg, Mrs. Anne

Baldwin, S.S.

Kendall, Mrs.?

Baldwin, Tillie


Baldwin, Wm.

LeFebvre, Alma

Barnes, B. (there was a William Barnes)

LeFebvre, Fred

Barnes, B.

Lepper, Charles

Bates, D.G. wounded Oct.19, 1864

Lepper, E. (probably Elizabeth)

Bates, David R.

Lepper, Hattie

Bates, Mr. Lewis

Lepper, Henry

Bayless, Daniel

Lepper, J. (could be James)

Bayless, Ernest

Lewis, G.D.

Bayless, Eunice ? discharged Oct.31,1862

Lewis, Wickam

Bayless, John

Lewisingon?or Lensinger?, Nina (LeMunyon, Jina???)

Beardsley, Eva (could be Beardslee )

Lewison?, Fred

Beardsley, Rev. F.S. (could be S.F.)

Lobell?, J.

Belden, Carrie

Look?,  Miss Kate

Belden, Herbert

Luke, Jessie C. (servant in Charles M.Sentell household)

Belden, Lizzie

Lundy, Harry F.

Belden, Vernon

Lyman, Anna

Bennett, D.P.

Lyman, P.T. (probably Philander)

Bennett, Jennie

Mabb, Mrs.

Bennett, John

Mabb, William

Bennett, Maude

Mack, james

Bennett, Mr. Samuel

Mapes, George

Bennett, Mrs. Samuel

Markell, Mrs. C.C.    all of Newark

Bennett, Wm.

Mason, Mrs. Sarah

Brayman ?, C.C.

Mason, W.H.

Burnes ?, S.T.

Mason, William H.

Button, Alla

Mattison, S.C.

Button, Clarence

Maxie, Johanna (or Maxey from Ireland ?)

Button, Edward H.

May, Lillie

Buys, Anna (married to Henry J. )

May, Mrs. Marie (could be Mrs. Mariah)

Buys, Delia (this could be Adelia, dau.of William Henry)

McDonald, C.J.

Buys, Elisha (sometimes spelled Elijah)

McKeon, Allison  (could be McKee or McKeown ?)

Buys, Ella

McMillin, D.A.

Buys, Fannie (married to Elisha)

McNett, DeForest

Buys, Henry J.

Meagher, Mrs. Mary

Buys, Mrs. W.H. (this could be Lillian Buys)

Merriam, H.S. (could be Harriet)

Buys, Ross (son of Henry J.)

Messent, E. (could be Messant)

Buys, Willie (could be William F., William H.,William E.)

Moffit, Anna


Mull, Mr. M.


Mull, Mrs. H.

Calvert, ? Fred C.

Munson, Nellie

Cambier, Josephine D.?

Munson, Warren

Cambier, Josie

Newport, Charles (servant for George H. Case)

Campbell, Mrs. G.E. (this would be Ida)

Newport, Jasper

Case, Frank

Newport, Mrs. Carrie E. (servant for George Case)

Case, G. (this is probably Gamaliel )

Norris, Mrs.

Case, Mr. Van

Pallister, Lavina

Case, Mrs. George

Palmer, Flora B.

Case, S.W.

Palmer?, G.W.

Case, Sanger

Parks, Mrs. Eliza

Cattien, Maria C. (could be Catlin? or Mary Cattian ?)

Paton?, Mr.J.

Christopher, Martha

Payne, Elma A. Co.E 111 ? Regt. N.York

Clarence, Dr. Nodem

Payne, A.E. (could be J.E., Jane E. )

Clark , Polly A.

Peer?, Dr. T.J.

Clark, Alta ?

Peer?, Mrs. T.J.

Clark, H.J. Jr.

Pennington, Lebert

Clark, H.L.?

Percy, S.W.

Clark, Hiram

Perrigan, James

Clark, Jessie D.

Perry, S.

Clark, Laura B.

Philo, Anson

Clark, Lewis B.

Philo, L.M. (could be Linda)

Clark, Mrs. J.J.

Philo, R.M.

Cleveland, Mr.C.J. discharged Apr.6, 1868


Cole, J.F.

Pierson, C.

Cook, Miss Kate

Pierson, E.

Cooper, Addie

Plassche, John

Corwin, Irving

Plummer, Charlie A. (son age 22 years)

Couse?, Sadie

Plummer, Ellen (mother, born in England)

Croucher, G.W.?

Pollock,Willis discharged Apr.6,186 –  Com.I 17 Regiment

Curtiss ?, E.

Preston, A.H.


Preston, J. (probably John)

Davis, Jay (died 1894, as a teenager)

Preston, Mrs. J.

Davis, Mrs. W.E. (Alvira )

Prindle, Rev. M. enlisted Apr.7, 1865

Davis, Rev. O.S. from U.S. Navy (Orson D.)

Proseus, Emma

Dean?, G.A.

Proseus, Emmett

Debrinc, Charlie

Proseus, Glen  ( E. )

Degan, Mrs. Chas.

Proseus, Myron

DeGrater?, S.A.

Proverse, Emmet ( could be Prevost ?)

Donahue, Katie

Pulse, George (S. servant in Arnold household in 1900)

DoVille, Clarence  ( or spelled DeVille )

Pulver, Mr. J.  ( could be Thomas J. )

DoVille, Claude

Rayner, A.E.

DoVille, D.F.

Rayner, Mrs. C.M. (could be Carrie M.)

DoVille, Edna

Rayner, Wm.

DoVille, Leroy

Reed, Will

DoVille, Mrs. & F.

Reynolds, Roy (servant in Sprong household

DoVille, Mrs. Bettie?

Rogers, Mrs. David

DoVille, Sarah

Rose, Mary

Drake, Mr.&Mrs.

Rose, P. (Philander)

Dutcher, Mrs. Frank

Ryan, Mrs. Mary (born in Canada; married Anthony Ryan)


Sampson, F.C.

Ebrey?, E.

Sanford, Mrs. B.G.

Ellis, Hiram

Scott, A.R.  (could be Alonzo R.

Emery, George

Scott, Robert

Eugene & Gertrude

Scott, Seymour

Ewing, Allen

Seager, S.S. (could be Sprague S. , a blacksmith in 1880)

Ewing, DeFay

Seals, Charles (born in Germany,laborer in Pearse family)

Ewing, Effie

Seeley, Mr. D.W.

Ewing, S.C. enlisted Aug.20, 1862

Seely, Dan

Ewing, Sadie

Seider, Mrs. E.

Ewing, T.H. (this could be Thomas)

Sentell, C.H.   Co.D

Farrell, Mr. Matt

Sentell, C.M.  (Charles M.)

Farrell, Mrs. Matt

Sentell, E.H. (could be Edward H.)

Featherly, Abram

Sentell, G.H.

Featherly, Mary

Sentell, James ( or could be Jennie)

Featherly, Mrs. Abram

Sentell, Matt ? or Mae? (could be May)

Finch, Mr. Edward J. or S.?

Sentell, William

Finch, Mrs. Mary E.

Sergeant, Clinton

Finch, W. Schvlier

Sergeant, Mrs. J.A.

Fisher, E.C. (this could be Edward G.)

Sergeant, W.H.

Fisher, Eddie

Shaw, A.

Fisher, Fred (died 1894, as a young man)

Shaw, Mrs. A.

Fisher, Mrs.

Shirts , Charlie

Fisher, W.F. enlisted July 28, 1862

Shirts, Bernice

Flagler, Bert (probably Albertus)

Shirts, Elizabeth

Flagler, Chester

Shirts, Jennie

Flagler, Lillian

Shirts, Lena

Flagler, Mettie (probably Nettie)

Shirts, Milo D. (could be Miles D.)

Fleming, Mrs. K.M.

Shirts, Pearl M.


Shirts, Stella

Foss, Martin

Smith, Mrs.

Fudge, Harry

Snyder, C.

Furkman?, Bessie (could it be Forgham ?)

Stewart, Ezra A.

Gansz, Milton

Sutton, Allie

Garlock , Flossie

Sutton, Chas.

Garlock, Amanda

Sutton, Clyde

Garlock, Clara

Sutton, George O.

Garlock, Clarence E.

Sutton, Grace

Garlock, E.

Sutton, Lizzie

Garlock, Etta (could this be Georgetta, born 1885)

Sweet, Laura

Garlock, Ettie

Sweet, Mrs. Clara

Garlock, Harry

Tack, Lena

Garlock, J.W.

Thompson, Wm. ( born in Holland)

Garlock, Mary

Toor, Mary

Gaylord, W.T.

Trimble, FJames

Gaylord, Willis

Trimpawsky?, D.

Gibson, Mrs.M.

Tripp, Myron O.

Gordon, Bella

Turner, Mrs. L.

Gordon, M.E.?

Turner, S.G.

Gordon, Moses

Turner, Stephen

Grayman?, R.L.

Turner, William

Green, Billy

Van Duzer, Frank enlisted May 10, 1861

Hart, Capt. M.

Verney ?, Agnes

Hayes, M.C.

Walsh, Anna

Hayes, Ward

Walsh, Mr. Deforest

Henry, Mary

Walsh, Walter

Henry, W.J.

Waters, Helen

Hewson, Charles

Welsh, J.B.

Hewson, Lydia

Welsh, Miss A.

Hewson, Mr.W.F. (could be William)

William & Jennie

Hewson, Mrs. A. Discharged June 1865 (?)

Williams, Mrs. Lottie

Hewson, Mrs. Chas.

Wilson, George

Herman, Bridget

Wood, W.W.

Hill, Charles

Yeomans, George

Hill, L.C.

York, Martha

Holland, Mrs. Mary

York, Mr. Wm.

Hollister, W.L.

York, Mrs. Wm. ( probably Agnes)

House, William

Young, Jessie


Womenfolk.com has this to say about Signature Quilts:
Signature Quilts: The Humble and Proud

There are two distinct kinds of autograph quilts. Single pattern quilts are often referred to as “friendship quilts” while the more formal quilts made of different blocks are called sampler album quilts.


Although both carried on the same tradition of signed remembrances, they were quite different. Sampler album quilts were made up of several unique intricately pieced or appliquéd blocks. A friendship quilt was usually made of several blocks from the same pattern. These blocks could be quickly made from fabric scraps.


verse on a friendship quilt

In her Clues in the Needlework newsletter Barbara Brackman wrote, “Many of the blocks in the early album quilts made between 1840 and 1860 featured elaborate ink signatures and small drawings and verses. By the time of the Civil War, album quilt inscriptions had become shorter and were more likely to include only the block maker’s name, and perhaps his or her hometown or date.”


Most 19th century signatures were written with indelible ink while in the 20th century they were often embroidered. Occasionally one person chosen for her beautiful handwriting would inscribe all the signatures. Some regional signature quilts were inscribed in the fraktur calligraphy used to document important events by the Pennsylvania Germans.


Signed Quilts for Raising Money

Not all signature quilts were friendship quilts. Some were made to raise funds for various causes from missionary work to supporting troops during a war. The finished quilt may have been auctioned off or people may have paid a fee, often ten cents, to have their name placed on a block in the quilt.