Community Center (former Schoolhouse)

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Photo courtesy of Ruth Carter




The Sodus Point Community Center originally was the Sodus Point Schoolhouse. There must have been much activity around the Public Square in 1889. Not only was the church being remodeled and enlarged, but contractor Brackett was doing a good job at building the new schoolhouse. They used good material and was built by men of trust who did not botch work. William Carrier was in charge of the job, and watching were all the school children in the area.  This photo was taken in 1896 of the completed schoolhouse.














Photo courtesy of Ruth Carter

The old schoolhouse had two rooms. The room on the left was for grades 1 -4. The room on the right was for grades 5 – 8. Glenn Proseus (who provided the photo below) tells the story that the older boys would sometimes climb the roof to the bell tower, to tie the bell upside down so it couldn’t ring.


This close up picture (circa 1900) was almost certainly taken on the same day as the picture above it. Notice that black and white students were intermixed as was the norm for Sodus Point (and farther west) The Maxwell School. Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Corbin.



















This photo was taken of the 1949 class at the schoolhouse. The school closed down in  the following year. The teacher was Miss Marlet who taught there several years. The boy pictured in the bottom front row (second from the right) is Bill Huff, JR. a long time resident and well known local photographer of Sodus Point. Another long time resident, Frank Grosz, is in the second row far left.




















Above is a photo of the present day Sodus Point Community Center located at 159 Bay Street next to the Episcopal Church. The Community Center hosts a wide variety of community activiities including Zumba, basketball, historical speakers, childcare, etc.