Nature’s Children 1987

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1987  Photo of Nature’s Children. Photo from Joy DeRycke. The little 6 year old girl is Kristy Mapes who is Joy’s daughter. Jeffrey Genovese is creating the beautiful sign.


Nature’s Children was open from 1975 – 1993 and was owned and run by Joy DeRycke. It was located where the former Rexall Drug Store was which was next to where Hots Point is currently located. Joy’s trademark slogan was “Get to the point, Sodus Point” which is to this day often used. I guess you could call Nature’s Children a variety store because you sure could get a variety of things there. Long time Sodus Pointer’s remember it well and have many fond memories:
Judie Metcalfe Loved that place lots of neat funky stuff
Ronald Farabell I remember these tall lamps that gave off heat they were very expensive
Janet Howell My favorite place also! Loved the Turquoise jewelry & I bought a few rings back in the day
Sue Snyder I still wear dresses from there… favorite store!!
Jaymi Curtis Prosser My mom got the coolest embroidered shirt from there!
Jean Hallagan I loved the smell of the incense
Becky Lee I bought a great poncho in there.
Pat Darling The shock machine and using the pay phone next to the store. Long distance to Rochester
Karen DeHond Pazereckis I can still remember the smell.. the little bottles of cherry oil were my favorite
Denise Teeter O’Connor God I loved that store, that’s the first thing I thought Julie, I loved my tanks from there, so pretty and comfy, lasted for ever
Vickie O’Neil I worked there and Joy was a wonderful employer! I didn’t take home much money because we bartered clothing. I was well dressed back then