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Unfortunately, flooding has been a part of our village’s history since it was founded. Flooding has occurred approximately every 25 years or so. Below are some photos from early 1900s, the late 1940s, 1953 and 1972:


Early 1900s

early 1900 700x400


Photo Courtesy of Wayne County Historical Society



Photo courtesy of Dick Ransley


Late 1940s:


Sandra Hamilton has shared pictures of her first family cottage on Greig Street in Sodus Point.  This is during high water in the late 40’s or early 50’s.  The cottage was directly across from Smiley’s Liquor Street and the street that goes to the Yacht Club.  It is west of Al Hendricks’s house.  It gives a good idea of how far up Greig Street the water was.  In one picture, her dad, JO Hamilton is in the row boat that is floating in the yard on the road side!  In another picture, her grandmother, Elsie Burns, is looking between our cottage and one that was taken down.  Al’s garage is on part of that lot now.  The cottage was called the “Jo-Bee”  after her parents’ nicknames.


sandi dad 440x738




Flooding 1947  Photo courtesy of Bob Jones


Flooding 1947 700x550


1953 Flooding


Larry Briggs 1953 spear fishing SP loop 800x600

Larry Briggs spear Fishing at the loop in 1953. Prior to 1957, the loop flooded very often in the spring. Photo courtesy of Larry Briggs.


1972 Flooding


PICT0001 700x450

pict0002 700x450 (2)

pict0003 700x450 (1)

PICT0005 700x450

PICT0007 700x450

PICT0012 700x450

PICT0014 700x450

PICT0018 700x450

PICT0021 700x450