Sodus Pt. Fish & Crab House

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If you walked Greig Street in the late 1980s, one of the iconic restaurants was the Sodus Pt. Fish & Crab House.  Recently Tom and Brenda Frank (the current owners of the property as well as Captain Jack’s) were given a poster that both displayed an artistic rendition of the Crab House and told its story.


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This is its story:


Sodus Point Trivia


What do the names Joe’s Place, Jack’s Driftwood Lounge,The Dolphin,Lippy’s, Captain Kelley’s and The Sodus Pt. Fish & Crab House, Inc., have in common?


Answer: They are all establishments which at one time have enjoyed the same waterfront location on beautiful Sodus Bay.


Joe’s Place operated as a hotdog stand during the 1920’s until the early 1950s. It was also said to be used as a “Speak Easy” during Prohibition. The structure was built on the water’s edge using rock, 55 gallon drums and cribbing. During its early years, Joe would bring in negro bands from Rhythm Hill (on RT. 14 a mile outside the village) and it was quite a honky tonk place we are told.
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A long time Sodus Point Resident, Elsie Parsons in front of Joe’s Place. Her daughter, Patty Parsons states ” I assume it was taken about the time she graduated from high school or shortly after, maybe 1939 or 40. I love that she is holding a brownie box camera.” Photo courtesy of the Sodus Bay Historical Society Archives
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During the 1950s, a portion of this restaurant was a bar known as Lippy’s. Pictured here are George Helfer, Pat Powers, Oscar Fuerst, Catharine Comstock, Al Baker and Lyle Comstock. Photo courtesy of Sandi Primmer
After two fires and reconstruction, the property was sold and renamed The Dolphin in 1949. During the 60’s and 70’s. The Dolphin hired rock and rolls bands (Meatloaf, The Mighty Joe Cocker, Duke Jupiter to name a few) for entertainment. It was a popular nite club drawing a young crowd during summer months. Crowds numbering in the thousands came for the big bands.


In the early 80’s, ownership and the name changed to Captain Kelley’s. The building was converted to a restaurant and motel.


The full potential of the location was reached in the fall of 1986 when Captain Kelley’s was purchased by The Sodus Pt. Fish & Crab House, Inc. Careful planning and remodeling emphasized the beauty of the location. A glass atrium, sliding glass panels, nautical beams and doors, give all visitors a unique view of the finest sheltered fresh water bay in the Northeast.


The restaurant and motel feature breakfast, lunch and dinner specializing in fish, crab and ribs. Bring your family and friends to The Sodus Pt. Fish & Crab House for a unique dining experience.


By 1993, the restaurant had beome Jack’s Driftwood Lounge.

Photo from the March 18, 1993  Wayne County Star