SEAWAY Trails War of 1812 British Raids

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British Raids Sodus Point





















Located at the Lighthouse in Sodus Point at 7606 North Ontario Street, on the east side of the street. It is on the lighthouse grounds in front and to the north of the lighthouse.


GPS Coordinates:  Latitude:   43.273710  Longitude:  -76.986559


The Interpretive panel reads:






Troupville was one of several lakeshore communities to come under attack by the British navy during a campaign to disrupt the flow of military stores to American forces.


1. Hearing rumors of a British attack on Charlotte and fearing that Troupville could be next, the local militia prepared for attack and hid their provisions in a gully west of the village.


2. After several days and no British ships in sight,  the militia was sent home on the morning of June 19th.


3. When the British ships were spotted the afternoon of June 19th, as many of the militia as possible were called back.


4. In the evening of June 19th,1813, a force of 100 British soldiers landed in the darkness but the militia was ready for them. After an exchange of musket fire, resulting in casualties on both sides, the British returned to their ships and the militia scattered.


5. In the morning of June 20th, 1813 a volley of cannon fire announced another attack, and British forces landed again. This time, finding little resistance, they overran the village, confiscated supplies, and set fire to every building but one.