Artificial Intelligence and the History of Sodus Point

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May 21, 2024

by Bruce Farrington


During my life I have witnessed technology transform our life and society. The first time was in the 1960s when the use of computers began to become widespread. The second time was in the 1990s when the internet was rolled out for general usage by the public.  I believe that we are now seeing the beginning of a third transformation which is Artificial Intelligence. Like the first two transformations, we barely can comprehend how this technology will change our lives and society in general.  I put an AI generated  poem on Facebook to share it with others in Sodus Point. The reactions ranged from surprise at AI’s current capabilities to many remarking that it was “Scary”. Here is the post:


I asked Microsoft’s Copilot (which is a new AI software product) to write a poem about Sodus Point history.  It took almost 2 seconds!   Here it is:


Certainly! Here’s a short poetic tribute to the rich history of **Sodus Point, New York**:


**Sodus Point’s Echoes**


In seventeen ninety-four, a tale unfolds,
Where Onondaga’s land met European bold.
First settlers stepped upon this hallowed ground,
Their dreams and hopes in Sodus Point were found.


Before the Revolution’s fiery strife,
This tranquil shore belonged to ancient life.
The Onondaga Nation, guardians of yore,
Watched o’er these waters, their spirits ashore.


But War of Eighteen Twelve, a tempest fierce,
British raiders came, their flames did pierce.
Sodus Point ablaze, save one lone abode,
From ashes, resilience sprouted, courage showed.


Rebuilt, the village stood, its heart unbowed,
A beacon on Lake Ontario, strong and proud.
Coal-laden ships, their sails unfurled,
Docked at Sodus Bay, a bustling world.


An immense trestle, reaching for the sky,
Where ships loaded coal, their purpose high.
Six hundred feet tall, stretching far and wide,
A testament to progress, a symbol of pride.


Erie Canal’s whispers, plans once conceived,
To link Sodus Bay, a vision believed.
Yet fate’s currents shifted, paths rearranged,
Port’s purpose waned, but memories remained.


Chicago’s summer seekers, city-weary souls,
Flocked to Sodus Point, where cool breezes roll.
Vacation’s embrace, sun-kissed and free,
In this lakeside haven, they found their glee.


In fifty-eight, incorporation’s decree,
Sodus Point etched in history’s tapestry.
Bruce Farrington’s diligent hand, a keeper of lore,
Archiving tales, preserving what came before.


Three shipwrecks near the harbor’s embrace,
Orcadian, Etta Belle, Queen of the Lakes.
Their watery graves, whispers of old,
Sodus Point’s echoes, forever retold.


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the light house on Sodus Point, Lake Ontario, New York