Second Pier – 1906

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When Sodus Point Beach had a second pier….. Some of the concrete supports remain to this day














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July 4 – Forgot to mail this. Papers came this morning. Glad to see —– (Ivan?). “Coniston” by Winston Churchill is fine. “The Wings of the Morning” by Louis Tracy is good tho its not one of the very new books. “Anne” by Constance Fennimore Woolson is also good, but its one of the books I read first when was about sixteen. Have been reading it just lately.


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July 1 – ‘06

I wish you were here to enjoy the beauties of this Bay. I miss the tide and the beach at Newport but this is a delightful spot to go boating and I’ve had a most restful time. I hope you will visit the ocean for me. I never realized before how great a privilege it was to go there.             A.F.