Is this the Sodus Point Slave Tunnel?

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Ground Penetrating Radar has given us new evidence and information about the existence of the Underground Railroad Slave Tunnel in Sodus Point! Click the following link for the latest news:


Update as of 9/22/13: We had Ken Artl (who is  a Mason specializing in Cobblestone House Restorations) examine the tunnel and take a number of mortar and pipe samples within the 20 foot tunnel. The mortar was chemically analyzed and found to be of the portland cement variety first used in this area no earlier than the early 1900s. The remnant of the 2.5 inch pipe found was wrapped in sheet type asbestos. Another interesting discovery was that the tunnel was constructed by first digging a ditch and then creating the arched tunnel and covering it up again.The conclusion from this analysis is that the tunnel was not used as part of the Underground Railroad movement. It was used to transport utilities to various sections of the house; probably piped water, and/or steam or later electricity.