Fitzhugh to Washington (Letter 2)

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To George Washington from Peregrine Fitzhugh

April 24 1781

This letter is written from Fitzhugh to Washington. You will notice that Fitzhugh’s style is one of using very flowery language and being very circumspect as to what he is trying to say. You might sum up his writing style as “why say something in one sentence when 5 or 6 sentences can be used to say the same thing”. This style was very common in this era.
Historical Background for this letter
Fitzhugh has been paroled and is no longer a prisoner of war. He was preparing to rejoin his old outfit when he gets a letter from George Washington with good news and an offer. He is thanking George Washington for obtaining his promotion (apparently to Colonel) and being offered a position in George Washington’s staff (Head Quarters). There he will become George Washington’s aid-de-camp in July, 1781.
Here is the letter: