The History of the Hots Point Building

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Around Sept. 17, 2019, we will say goodbye to an old friend. On that day, Hots Point will close its door as owners Gary and Kelly Grey sell their business to the owners of Six 650.


Let’s take a look at the history of this building which stretches back into the 19th century….


1897 (photos courtesy of Glen Proseus)


The building goes back to at least 1897 based on this article:

July 28, 1897  (probably from the Sodus Record ?)

Charles DoVille has a very nice confectionery store and soda water fountain, and his buttered, fresh-popped corn is declared to be the best found anywhere.  He also keeps a boat livery.


1920s – 1950s (photos courtesy of Glen Proseus)


In the 1920s through the 1950s, Mary and Hurd DoVille had an ice cream stand here. Mary served ice cream in a home made waffle cone and became famous in the area. The recipe for the waffle cone was a closely held secret and unfortunately has been lost to time. Read about this by clicking these 2 links:



Sharon Kellar I don’t have any pictures but in 1965/1966 it was Cookies hot dog.

Laurie Hughes Manning Yes they were the best fries! I do not eat much Beef…but I can still smell and taste those wonderful burgers!!! 



Arlene’s Too

Susan Johnson Rankin  One owner that wasn’t mentioned was Arlene Johnson. It was around 1982/83 and was called Arlene’s Too. She owned a bakery in Sodus, and then opened this (short order: hots/burgers/fries/clam strips, salads, bakery case, and then added breakfast). We would open very early during fishing tournaments for breakfast. Some of the original staff were: Bridgette Johnson, Deanna Scheffinger, John Currington, Chris Wilbur and myself.





David and Terry Lagana open Hot’s Point. David’s wife, Terry is a schoolteacher who runs Hot’s Points as a summer business.




Hot’s Point becomes a seasonal McDonald’s McSnack. This would be only one of two that would ever exist and the only McDonald to ever serve hot dogs. It was owned by Bob Weichbrodt (who also owned a dozen McDonalds regionally),  Tim Jeffreys and Terry and David Lagana.

Read about McSnack:


Early 1990s

McSnack cannot make a go of it as a seasonal restaurant. It reverts back to Hot’s Point under David and Terry Lagana and once more is a seasonal restaurant.



2013 – 2019

Gary and Kelly Grey take over as owners of Hot’s Point. They add an outdoor children playground which is a favorite of families with small children. They sometimes have karaoke music and even outdoor movies. In this picture the writer is picking up his favorite dish from Hot’s Point: a vanilla ice cream! Over the years, a great deal of historical research was done talking to Sodus Point old timers while having breakfast in the back room. The thing that made Hots Points so special was the sense of community. When you went there for breakfast in the morning you either knew everyone there or newcomers would be introduced as new friends.

Kelly Grey and my wife Edie Farrington as we gather historic intel on our weekly breakfast.

The three dancing dogs from left to right: Gary Grey, Robin Sofia, and Kelly Grey. Photo by Edie Farrington