Steuerwalds Silver Dollar – 1960

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The pictures below show the Steuerwald’s Silver Dollar restaurant and the Chase family Coffee Shop as it appeared in 1960. The Silver Dollar was located on Greig Street where the Six Fifty restaurant is now located. The man in the second photo is Harold Ransley who was the pharmacist at the Rexall Drug store that was across the street. Photos courtesy of Dick Ransley



Memories of Steuerwald’s Silver Dollar restaurant 


Betsy Wahl remembers: It was called Steuerwald’s Silverdollar! Ed Steuerwald’s was the owner. He was a tough boss. Susie Ternoois worked there for a very long time. I don’t know how old she was, but it seemed like she worked there forever! I worked there as a teenager! We served breakfasts in the morning. Then hots, hamburgers, fries, and pizza for lunch and supper. We also served ice cream cones and popcorn. That ice cream was harder than a rock to serve!!!  I worked with my Aunt Jenny Jimerson. We made all of the homemade potato and Mac salads! There was a dining room with booths and tables on the right side of the restaurant. The dining room had real silver dollars in the middle of the red and white tiles on the floor. Kids used to steal them all the time. Eddie would really get upset about that!!! There was also a small arcade with games that we had to lock up at night. The left side had doors over the counter bar that would open up. So that we were serving people who walked by on the sidewalk. There were red wooden stools for people to sit on. There was an inside breakfast diner in the center. It was a fun job, for a teenager, because I got to see many of my friends and made lots of new friends. We had many regular customers, who would come every day. It was fun to visit with them. But we couldn’t talk too much or we’d get in trouble!!


Tim Frank remembers: My wife and I went there a long time ago. My wife screamed at a guy trying to dig one out of the floor with pocket knife.


Thomas Kirkpatrick remembers: Russer’s was a brand of hot dog. To the right and behind the phone  was an arcade with various pin ball machines. Eddie Steuerwald was indeed cranky. Put in the arcade but didn’t like kids hanging around (lol?) An elderly woman whose last name was Ternooris worked the outdoor grill and counter and inside was the silver dollar dining room with a linoleum tiled floor with silver dollars embedded in some of the tiles. My pony league team in 1961, 62 and 63 would go over there after our games in the adjacent ball park.


Richard Bennett remembers: Eddie Steuerwalds was the best place in town to get a white hot. My brother worked there in the 50’s


Sheryn Burnette remembers: Can still get White Hots. But now they are Zweigles not Russers. Terry’s favorite. Used to get Orange Crush and a Red Hot every week. I can still taste it. OC tasted better in the brown bottle


Memories of Chase family’s Coffee  Shop and Bait Store


Frank C Wackerle remembers: Bob Chase had Chase’s Bait shop in back and then he put in a restaurant serving breakfast lunch etc. Then put fireplace in and it became a local meeting place.  Bob Chase was a Wayne County Sherriff


Lynn Thayer remembers: I remember going in there as a little kid and looking at the minnows in the bait tanks. A scent you never forget.