McSnack – 1989

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Articles/Photo  courtesy of Kelly Grey



Beginning in May, 1989, for four golden (arches) years, McDonalds came to Sodus Point. Created from the Hots Point restaurant it was known as McSnack denoting it being a smaller version of the typical McDonald’s restaurant. Below you can read three newspaper articles telling the story of the fast food experiment in our village. Please use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out:

The first article is from the August 3, 1989 edition of the Rochester Times Union:

McSnack article 1 PDF

The second newspaper article is from the Rochester Times Union as well but the date is unknown:

McSnack article 2 PDF

The third newspaper article is from the Wednesday, May 10, 1989 article from the Finger Lakes Times:

McSnack article 3 PDF




Gail Wackerle remembers: It did a fantastic job, in the summer. I remember when they opened. We were all thrilled. It didn’t last long. The summer was very busy. I believe they closed for winter & reopened in the spring. It was a long time ago. Now every one is lucky to have Hots Point.


Michael A. Stell remembers: This was one of only two McSnacks in the United States, the other being here in California …but the one in Sodus Point was the only McDonald’s to serve a hot dog…ever



Is this the Sodus Point McSnack’s pencil that was launched into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia to become the first commercial item ever placed in orbit? No…. but it is a Sodus Point McSnack pencil as photographed on our kitchen counter. Pencil courtesy of Kelly Grey!