Bay Shore House

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The Bay Shore House (and later the New Bay Shore House) was located across the street from where Krenzer’s Marine is now located on Greig Street.

Photo circa 1905 courtesy Bruce Farrington

Photo circa 1905 courtesy Bruce Farrington


Chronology of the Bay Shore House


Originally built prior to 1885, probably as a guest house


May 1885, it was purchased by Guard Warren and will make many needed repairs and improvements (May 6th 1885 Wayne County Alliance)


May 1886 It will be run by J. H. Hopkins and a Mr. Sturges (May 19th Wayne County Alliance)


January 1897 (January 1, 1897 Record)

S. Gurnee has accepted the proprietorship of the Bay Shore House at Sodus Point, and will open the season May 1st.


September 1898 (September 23, 1898 Record)

The law suit went down week be­fore last. J. H. Hopkin of Sodus Point, keeper of the Bay Shore House, had a man arrested for beating his board bill of forty-two dollars. After the arrest had been made he found the culprit had no money, nor any prospect of having any in the future. He did not want to send a man to jail that had vis­ited the watering place and enjoyed himself at the expense of a cripple and palsied man. Mr. Hopkins finally thought it best to let the suit go down. He wishes it understood, however, that he does not want any more boarders of that sort, for the more he has of them the worse he is off.


August 1899 (August 18, 1899 Record)

F.S. Gurnee has taken charge of the Bay Shore House at Sodus Point.


April 1901 (April 12, 1901 Record)

A B Sabin, Sr, of the Hotel Sabin, Wolcott, is preparing to assume the managementof the Bay Shore House, Sodus Point, in May. He will give the old summer-resort hotel a thorough overhauling, but no extensive carpenter work will be done. The idea is to make it clean and attractive without too great an expense to Proprietor Hopkins. Jason Underhill. of Butler, has been engaged for three months. Mr. Sabin intends to run the hotel on the European plan, and on a cash basis. He means to be able to serve meals at all hours.

—Wolcott News


July 1906 (July 8, 1904 Record)

The New Bay Shore House,

Sodus Point, N. Y. Under new management this year.

The house has been placed in the best of condition, and is now

one of the best at Sodus Point.

Meals at all hours, American or European plans.

A standard of respectability has been established and will be

maintained, making this hotel an ideal family gathering place.




August 1912 (August 23, 1962 Record – 50 Years Ago Column)

There was unusual interest in the public sale of the Bay Shore House at Sodus Point the latter part of last week. The property was worth at one time in the neighborhood of $12,000.Less than $4,000 was realized. – It was sold in four lots