1829 Map of Wayne County Showing Roads

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When you view the 1829 map below, it is pretty obvious there are few roads available to get from Clyde to Troupville. Lyons to Clyde is much more direct and straight forward. A special thanks to Tom Sawtelle of Clyde for sharing this material.




Attached, please find some information on the early roads in Galen / Clyde, which were associated with Sodus Bay.


To summarize:


The first road was a military trail that existed during the French and Indian War and after. It led from the ridge near Wolcott and into the northeast part of Galen, then south to the Blockhouse. This road was impassable to early settlers.


The next road was built around 1813 and led from the Blockhouse to Sodus Bay.


The Blockhouse and Port Glasgow Turnpike was established around 1817, substantially along the same route.


The Clyde and Rose Plank Road (presumably along the route of the Turnpike) was established in 1848.


Below is the 1829 map of Wayne County, showing the road system at that time. Click the link below to see the map and use the + and – keys to zoom in and out:


1829 Map of Wayne County