Smelting – 1950s and 1960s

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Thanks to Jim Russell for sharing a photo of his grandfather Roy Confer. This photo is circa 1950s and shows smelt. Smelt were a small fish and quite a bit of work to clean but were good eating and a popular fish.


Back Row L to R Jim Perce and Roy Confer. Front Row L to R Junior Tremfer, Bob Chase, Joe Bednar.



Smelt at the Point. 1962 Photo courtesy of Bob Chase, Jr, From left to right: Oscar Fuerst, Bob Chase Sr. , John DeVey and Bill Koush.




Frank C Wackerle remembers: Remember it well one time they had the truck so full the front wheels were off the ground !!


Robert Concert remembers: Omg! Dad would bring them home by the buckets!! We all would sit at the table with newspapers and scissors…and clean them…very tasty!


Randy DuBois remembers:  Those were the days before the lake was full of trout and salmon. Smelt were delicious. Got most if ours in Mink creek at Hollands Cove.


Belinda McElroy remembers: They use to smelt on Maxwell Creek up until about 15 yrs ago


Ted Krebbecks remembers: I remember cleaning buckets of them as a kid. Boots would vibrate as they swam by.


Fireside Gardens remembers: Yum, always loved having them every year. Miss that 


Arthur Lagana remembers:  Remember bringing home garbage cans full of them,,gutting and beer batter bake


Linda Krueger Griffith remembers:  I remember my dad coming home with buckets full and getting woken up early in the morning to clean them