Winter Racing on Sodus Bay

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Go Cart racing on Sodus Bay

Circa 1968 – 1971

The coal trestle is in the background


More common racing on the frozen bay was snowmobile racing, iceboat racing and even motorcycle racing using studded tires.


Late 1960s. Photo courtesy Bob Chase, Jr.




Gail Wackerlie remembers:  We started snowmobiling, in the late 60s I imagine one of them has to be Stewie Sill . I know sills sold the mercury ,snowmobile & rupp. Arney’s, sold snow jets. We had 2 of the snowjets. They used to have races , & they drew a great crowd, hot chocolate, coffee, hot dogs, hamburgers x soda, beer. Sat on straw or haybales, it was enjoyed by all. During the weekends we would get together & go across the bay over to skippers landing, lotus lodge , Connally cove, or at one time we would go to Alton hotel ,for a great dinner at Larry.Ryebecks. Sky way diner Franklin house, & Steger Haus. Great food & laughs. We were then the Sodus Point snowmobile club. Great people & fun to be with we all watched out for one another ,& made sure we didn’t hit the pressure ridge, or found any air pockets. The guys , would put markers out so we didn’t get in trouble. When a huge storm moved in while we were out for dinner, if it didn’t let up, we took the bay just so far, then hit the side roads to get home. That bay is very deceiving at night. You can live their all your life an end up on the wrong side . Just ask Dick Crockford. My dad & mom had the big beast of all snowmobiles the mercury. That snowmobile would go places that the others wouldn’t they always said stay to the right side ,don’t fly, get close to shore, when in doubt. Never go on the opposite side. With the current through the channel it is never safe. ,that side of the bay


Tim Franks remembers: People rode them to church. Get to church with your snowmobile suit pulled down around your waist


Ice Boating on the Bay

Sodus Bay Ice Boat Club members speak. On January 6, 2020, Rosa Fox, the Town of Huron Historian, conducted a discussion with members of the Sodus Bay Ice Boat Club about the history of the club and ice boating, in general. The following video by Bruce and Edie Farrington documents that evening. Click Here for the video.

Old Ice Boats 560x425
Photo courtesy Bill Huff Jr. collection

Ice boat 1940s 598x450
Ice boat in the 1940s Photo courtesy of Jim Iannone

ice boat 633x475

February 2006. Ice Boat on Sodus Bay. These boats can travel up to 70 mph! Photo courtesy of Bruce Farrington

February 2019 Ice Boat Sailing and Ice Skating on the Bay Video

Click Here for an incredible video from John Kucko.



PICT0002 600x400
Sodus Point Water Ski Club. Photo courtesy of Greg Switzder


My grandma is top left, couldn’t tell you the year but the coal trestle is in the background. Don’t see this on the bay anymore.