Wrnkle Yacht – 1913

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Wrinkle 750x


“Wrinkle” information by Ned Ludd


Launched on Sodus Bay August 21, 1913
Operated by Capt. Morley
65 feet in length
35 hp gasoline engine
Said to attain speed of 21 mph
Cost $12,000
On August 1, 1914 the Democrat & Chronicle reported: “The cottages at various points of the bay will be brightly illuminated in the evening and decorated with flags throughout the afternoon, adding much to the brilliancy of the day. The commodore has visited them all personally, and everyone seems interested.
Prior to the fireworks being displayed, there will be an illuminated motorboat parade, headed by the tug Cornelia, with the Manchester Band on board.
The Wrinkle and the Seabird will come next, followed by as many launches as can be secured for the parade. and from the present prospects nearly all the boats on the bay will join. The parade will move across the bay to the south shore then around Sand Point, where the launches will circle the Cornelia.
When the last boats have passed, the fireworks will be displayed from the east breakwater.
The general headquarters will be at the Sodus Bay Yacht Club. It is expected that many people will avail themselves of this opportunity of having a good day, and that many basket parties will be on hand.”
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Many thanks to Mary Lou Engels Ganio for the photo of “Wrinkle”, a postcard handed down in her family for generations.