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   Sodus Point WII POW Camp


  • Was one of four WW II POW Camps in Wayne County
  • The camps were necessary because of the severe labor shortage during the war
  • Was located on what is now South Shore RV Park and White Birch Park and RV Campground on Lake Road
  • Was occupied by German POWs from September 7, 1944 to early 1946
  • At its maximum, it held 135 POWs
  • The POWs worked on local farms and in canning factories
  • When working outside the Camp, the POWs were not heavily guarded
  • The POWs were well fed and treated fairly. After the war, several former POWs moved back into the area

For detailed information and photos about this POW Camp

click on this link: https://historicsoduspoint.com/ww-ii-pow-camp-3/