Blessing of the Murals

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 Blessing of the Murals In Sodus Point, New York
from Historic Sodus Point

This is the blessing of the murals that take place May 28 – June 1 and again July 11 – 16.  The shadow of the cross from the nearby Episcopal Church is positioned just right to make this happen!

Amazingly, from the Winter Solistice the shadow of the cross moves toward the south and stops moving farther south on the anniversary of the Battle of Sodus Point (June 19th) on that mural and crosses the figure of Asher Warner who was killed at the battle! Also the transition of the cross on the mural starts at 6:19 PM! Between June 1st and the summer solstice, the shadow of the cross make daily transitions across the mural covering numerous locations on the second mural. At various times during that period, every figure in the mural is touched by some part of the shadow of the cross.

After extensive research  on the internet, we believe that there is not a similar occurance anywhere in the world!

For more information and photos about the Blessing of the Murals as well as transition schedules

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