Bayshore Amusement Park

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A rare photo of the Bayshore Amusement Park courtesy of Greg Switzer
Bayshore May 27 1954 Lyons NY Republican

————————–The above ad is from the May 27 1954 Lyons NY Republican————————–
Bayshore Amusement Park was located on the south side of Greig Street near what is now Krenzer’s Marine. It was set up in a vacant lot next to what used to be the roller skating rink. It was only in existence for a couple of summers during the 1950s. Several old-time Sodus Point residents have mentioned that is gave our village a “Coney Island” atmosphere during its short life span. Mrs. Helen Doreen was the proprieter.
The park had a number of attractions:
Ferris Wheel
Shooting Gallery – 22 shorts
Merry- go- round and other Kiddie Rides
Chair Swings
Roller Skate Ring
Floor Show
Dancing – Dancehall
Basketball Shooting
Evelyns Five Star Rangers 574x400
The above photo is Evelyn’s Five Star Rangers which was a Rochester band that played several times at the dance hall at the Bayshore Amusement Park. Think of them as Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on steroids.
In the 1960s, the roller skating would morph into Krenzer’s roller skating rink. Wish you could relive those days of roller skating? Thanks to Merle Sweet you can: