Narrated Sodus Point Walking Tour of Historic Plaques and Murals

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This is a narrated walking tour of plaques/interpretive panels and murals in Historic Sodus Point. The tour begins at the trolley pole and plaque pictured above. The tour is 1.1 miles long and is of moderate difficulty.  The tour consists of 10 plaques/interpretive panels and 7 murals. Depending on how much time you take listening to the audio and reading plaques, it should take approximately 90 minutes to complete. At each site, when you click on the bubble on the generated map for each site, you will see an audio button you can click on.


Instructions for doing the tour:

  • You can do either a virtual tour (from your computer at home) or if you have a smartphone, you can use it as you walk around physically visiting each  site.
  • When you click the link below, it will generate a map showing the location of each of the 17 sites represented by a bubble marker. Your tour starts at the site that is colored green.
  • You can toggle between the tour and  these instructions by hitting the back and forward arrows at the top left of the screen.
  • The tour starts at the Trolley Pole and Plaque(12-080 on the map). The tour directions are on the left, leading you from site to site.
  • Click the bubble for each site on the map and it will bring up photos and information about that site.  You will notice the Tour Sound Bite button that you can click to hear the narration for each site. The audio may take a few seconds to load. To go back to the map, click the left arrow at the top of your screen. Head west and continue on to the next site (War of 1812 Monument near the top of the hill which is labelled 12-009 on the map) and repeat this process. When you have finished the last site click the X button on the top right of your screen to exit the tour.

Start the tour: