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Of all the steamboats that came into Sodus Point at the turn of the century, the Arundell was the most popular. It even got tied into the recent trolley service. It offered to return people that had taken the trolley from Rochester to Sodus Point and then return them to Charlotte where they could get back on the trolley to return to downtown Rochester.
The following photos and flyer are courtesy of Richard Palmer.
Arundel at Sodus Point, 1907 600x400
Arundell at Sodus Point 1907
Arundell 1907 600x400
Arundell coming in the channel 1907
Backwater turn by Arundel 600x400
Arundell backwater turn 1907
Arundel departing 1906 600x400
Arundell departing 1906
The following four pages are from an Arundell flyer: