Railroad Roundhouse

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sodus_pt_roundhse 650x402
Circa 1910 – Pennsylvania Railroad Roundhouse for Coal Trestle Trains. Photo courtesy of John Powell from Old Postcards & Photos of Sodus Point
The Roundhouse was designed to turn a locomotive coming from the Coal Trestle (after unloading) around 180 degrees so that it could make the trip back to Pennsylvania. It could accommodate one locomotive at a time using huge electric motors. The turntable itself was round and rotated on a single track below the surface. The Roundhouse was located just west of where the Great Lakes Marine Works building is now near the Franklin House. The Roundhouse has not been used since 1967 after the Pennsylvania Railroad stopped delivering coal to the Coal Trestle in Sodus Point.
Train approaching the roundhouse 639x500
Locomotive approaching the roundhouse to be turned around.

Roundhouse remains 633x475
Sadly only a shell of the roundhouse exists today as seen in this Photo from 2013 by Edith Farrington
Leaving His Mark On Our Town
Zerbe Brick 3 633x475
Here we see a photo of Henry Zerbe with his initials (HPZ) on the remains of the roundhouse. Henry worked for 34 years on the Pennsylvania Railroad; most of it in Sodus Point. Henry is recognized as this area’s leading expert on the railroad and is well liked and respected by those who know him. Photo by Edith Farrington.